Mailbox Rule

Nom de la ressource mailbox rule
Description Règles de filtrage des boîtes emails
Operations create, read, update, delete, list


Name Details

readonly: YES


Resource ID.


readonly: YES


Resource location.

mailbox integer (mailbox)

Email address

target string

The condition will apply on this field.

  • SUBJECT: subject
  • FROM: from
  • TO: to
  • CC: recipient (Cc)
  • BCC: recipient (Bcc)
  • REPLY_TO: reply to
  • BODY: message content
  • SIZE: size

condition string

Some conditions apply only to certain fields. For example « est superior/inferior » apply only to the size.

  • CONTAINS: contains
  • CONTAINS_NOT: doesn't contain
  • IS: is
  • IS_NOT: isn't
  • REGEX: matches the regular expression
  • REGEX_NOT: doesn't match the regular expression
  • OVER: is over
  • UNDER: is under

condition_value string

Valeur de la condition.

action string

If the condition matches, this action will be executed on the message.

  • FILEINTO: move to the folder
  • REDIRECT: redirect to address
  • DISCARD: delete
  • REJECT: reject with a message


default value: null


Valeur de l'action.

annotation string

L'annotation est facultative et apparaitra dans le listing.